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Pubnico Trawlers Ltd. began in 1978 as a groundfish harvesting company with one 45' wooden trawler fishing the banks off the Nova Scotia coast and the Bay of Fundy. Three employees, consisting of company president and captain, George Cunningham plus two crew members, fished the Atlantic waters for the next four years until a decision was made in 1982 to enter the groundfish processing business.

With a growing family of four boys the captain sold his vessel and built a processing plant and then worked hard to develop a highly respected business. Today, the plant employs 25 local residents producing a variety of retail and bulk, pickled and dry salted products derived from eight species of fish.

One of the greatest benefits to operating a small family business is that there can be more control and emphasis over quality and customer service and Pubnico Trawlers exercises a strong commitment to product quality and customer satisfaction. This explains the longevity of customer relationships with clients who have been doing business with the company since its origins back in 1982. 

Pubnico Trawlers has gone from sourcing products locally to reaching out to the international market for the best quality fish products available. This, combined with the company's commitment to quality and service, makes Pubnico Trawlers one of the leading suppliers of salt fish in the global marketplace. 

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